What can a chiropractic treatment involve?

Chiropractic treatment offers a natural solution to medical condition. Chiropractors are trained in their field, often requiring a tertiary degree and chiropractic qualification.

Chiropractic treatment encompasses multiple techniques to help alleviate joint pain and restore joint mobility.

These treatments can target injuries caused by sport or work, or ongoing medical conditions. Injuries like joint sprains or strains, whiplash, neck or back pain can benefit from chiropractic treatment. Your chiropractor can also help with discomfort caused by medical conditions like Arthritis, Scoliosis, Sciatica, and Vertigo.

If you’re not exactly sure what is involved in chiropractic treatment, read below for some of the most common components of chiropractic!

Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation is one of the key components of chiropractic treatment. It seeks to improve joint mobility for joints that have become restricted in movement due to tissue injuries.

The chiropractor applies a force onto these affected joints manually. It can be done with their hands or with chiropractic instruments.

This restoration of joint mobility through spinal manipulation can reduce pain and muscle tightness. This will help tissues to heal.

Spinal manipulation involves the use of techniques such as the diversified technique and drop table technique. It is often employed after injuries or to combat medical conditions.

Lifestyle advice

Along with physical treatment, your chiropractor can inform what lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the physical stress you experience in your body.

This can include advice for your diet and physical activity.

Activity modification

Chiropractic treatment can also involve the modification of your daily activities to help reduce the pain felt on a daily basis. This is particularly helpful after experiencing an injury, and can also be a way to reduce ongoing pressure on your joints.

Soft tissue techniques

Your chiropractor may employ soft tissue techniques, such as a massage, to provide you with physical relief.

This can help to reduce pain due to injuries such as whiplash. A chiropractic massage is a solution to your pain and discomfort that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery.

Exercises and stretching

Your chiropractic treatment can also include the stretching and exercising of your joints.

Mobilisation, which involves the movement of your joint to slowly increase its range of movement, can also be used to treat your injury or condition.

These are just some of the many different components of chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors employ a range of techniques to offer their clients a well-rounded solution.

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